For all your outdoor Cannabis grow requirements
For all your outdoor Cannabis grow requirements
Last updated on 9 February 2021
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Legal aspects regarding cannabis at home:
GREENGROW GARDEN ROUTE is situated in Mossel Bay and its services are available throughout the garden route area. 

If you want to grow your own cannabis at home, we can provide you the help and assistance you need. We will supply you with a Grow Kit, which include all items needed to start up. See our Starter Grow Kit information.

We are suppliers of all Freedom Farms Products, items from 420 Xtractions and Malboer. See Other Products for details.

We are currently busy expanding this website regularly, so make sure to chekc back in often to see what we have added.

At GREENGROW GARDEN ROUTE we give our customers fair prices on well-known products needed for any indoor or outdoor organic grow. We do not do any lighting, but if you want to know more about indoor lighting and DIY light builds, find it  can be found on 420SAFORUM or click on logo below:

We focus on supplying prompt, reliable and trustworthy customer service. We support the home grower indoor or outdoor with all products needed to cultivate your own cannabis for home use. The medicinal qualities of Cannabis is for most unknown due to stigma and Judgement. The cannabis plant is one of the most challenging and rewarding plants to grow for anyone with green fingers out there. 

GREENGROW GARDEN ROUTE is a supplier of all Freedom Farm products in the Garden Route. For excellent service and prices on preferred products please contact us. Our services will expand and include services to build, grow, Wendy's, greenhouses and net houses for the medicinal gardener extracting CBD for self-medication. 

We are considerate personal growers and have grown a few of Totemic Ginetic’s genes and tested Freedom Farm Soil extensively and found it more than sufficient for novice and experienced gardeners. 

Below a few of our plants. If you self medicate with cannabis and have never grown your own you are missing out on a lot of self satisfaction.

Johan Herbst 
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